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She's Pretty, Vol. 1

Marcedes Carroll

Released October 2019


Born in Colorado, raised in Montana, and attended college in Idaho, the Rocky Mountains have all but shaped emerging Americana artist Marcedes Carroll. And the music that comprises her debut EP, She’s Pretty, reflects it. She’s a powerhouse singer who can boom like Etta and croon like Ella, and she writes visual lyrics that draw upon her the mountains and streams that define the Last Best Place as much as they do her own well-rounded sensibilities. She's Pretty is a collection of songs that encompass life, love and loss in the American West.


Produced and recorded at Live from the Divide Studios by Grammy Award Winning producer, Doc Wiley, in Bozeman, Montana.


Gasoline written by Marcedes Carroll

Kisses written by Marcedes Carroll

Cripple Creek written by Robbie Robertson

Sagebrush written by Marcedes Carroll

Downriver written by Jennifer Schmitt & Marcedes Carroll

Plain Old Jane written by Marcedes Carroll

Old Man written by Jennifer Schmitt & Marcedes Carroll

"She's Pretty" CD


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