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Downriver in Lexington

Hey friends and the like,

What better time to start a blog than after I get to play & sing on my friends front porch in Lexington Kentucky! We girls trekked across 8 states to get to her "new" 1930's ADORABLE brick home! Jennifer moved out here to jump headfirst into her new career with the J. Peterman company.

This trip has been one for the books. Though we've been collaborating with songwriting for about 6 months, we have found we have a lot more in common than just that. We drove 14 hours our first night in shear determination, pulled into Albert Lea, MN for three hours of shut eye to wake up, down coffee and hit the road once again. We've laughed, cried, told our darkest secrets and have too many inside jokes to count. I'll be hanging here for another day and a half before heading back to Bozeman for a week of gigs!

'Til next time,


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