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Back in Montana, the normal grind begins to commence. I find myself in my usual spot at the Gravel Bar in Ennis, well equipped with familiar faces and honey moonshine. This horseshoe bar houses many a patron, from the winter ski bums to the summer swap of fishing stories between the Madison County guides and everyone who falls in between; first and foremost locals, then construction workers, tourists wandering through, those looking for an older Montana and occasionally really great musicians. Playing here every other week has been a true blessing and a test to my abilities, I am very grateful. Starting in mid October, the on-set of winter, there has been many a time the bar is empty aside a few of the regulars. And of course Miss Sarah Morris, who working Wednesdays, consequentially has been at every one of my shows. What a boss. Gravel bar crowds are some of my favorite, large or small, there's a sense of companionship and honest support from the moment you walk through the door. This is why, when my good friend advised me to find a residency to play regular gigs, I immediately thought of the Gravel. Now that summer is rounding the corner, the Gravel is operating at full speed and I imagine will be packed most evenings. Packed with good stories, the scent of freshly grilled burgers and some live music to boot.

Come by and see me some Wednesday. Visit and tell me your story. I want to hear it.

'Till next time,


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